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Welcome to the Unseelie

The dark court gladly opens its doors to one and all ...

Feel free to enter, read the fictions, and browse the art of the dark court. The Unseelie has many faces and there are many secrets hidden inside.

Be polite. Rude visitors will be removed from the Unseelie.

Enjoy your visit, and enjoy the Unseelie

Wallpaper: Stroke of Midnight

It was time for a new wallpaper, so here it is.  

Stroke of Midnight

wallpaper, red, candle, midnight


Wallpaper: Delicious Pain

So I finally did a new wallpaper :)  It was about time.  I'm not so happy with the way the blood oozes out of the right side of the apple, might have to fiddle with it a bit more.  Thoughts??

Delicious Pain
This is 1024x786 pixels

Tammy Fanfic: The old and the new, PG

Title: The old and the new
Rating: PG
Fanfic for: Tamora Pierce - Tortall
Series: A Rogue by any other name ...  [1]
Prompt: #1 (Pink ribbon scars that never forget) from 31_days 
Summary: George gets a new scar to match an old one. 
A/N: Let's just pretend I posted this yesterday??? [i]*shifty eyes*[/i]

George fingered the scars on his arm as he carefully cleaned his knives. Two jagged ribbons ran up his left forearm and around his triceps. They were barely a month old, still pink and puckered. Collapse ) 

Title: Every Woman (has her secrets)
Rating: PG
For: Goldenlake - Secrets & Lies Week
Art Type: Wallpaper
Medium: Digital art, photoshop
A/N: I've been watching 'The Tudors lately ... (blame treanz). And this struck me as perfect for Secrets & Lies Week. I like to think this is Delia, but it really could be anyone you like :)

Click to view full size picture.

Title: Curious Arrangement
Rating: PG13[US] or M[Aust]
Summary: Lady Vivenne realises Lord Wyldon and Kel have deep feelings for each other that they would never act on. So she proposes a curious arrangement, that surprises everyone.
A/N: Written for Goldenlake. Thanks to the wonderful q_sama for betaing ;D, and the other girls (you know who you are) for help and suggestions ;D. This fic turned out longer than I thought, so the first chapter doesn't actually have Wyldon in it :P. He's coming though :)


Chapter 1

“Impressive isn’t it?” A cool voice spoke from behind Kel. Startled, she fumbled the heavy tome as she spun around, reaching for a sword that wasn’t there. Seeing the Lady Vivenne of Cavall standing in the doorway, Kel relaxed. She suddenly felt quite silly, reaching for her sword in Lord Wyldon’s library at Cavall, where she’s been invited for a holiday. Collapse )

Tammy Fanfic: "I love winter"

Title: I love winter
Rating (and Warnings): MA[Aust] or R[US]
Written for: Goldenlake Advent Calendar Prompt #1 - Winter
Summary: George has fun telling Alanna why he loves winter.
Notes: I was just thinking that I needed to get back to writing about my first favourite Tortall couple, when this came to me in the shower. :)

“I love winter,” George muttered as he laid another kiss on his wife’s beautiful bare skin. His hand caressed her thigh.Collapse )

Wallpaper: Wyldon Quotes, G

Title: Wyldon Quotes Wallpaper
Rating: G (umm, might be PG depending on how far into the gutter your mind is going :P )
For: Goldenlake Art Challenge #2 - Quotes Challenge
Type of Art: Pencil Sketch and Photoshop
A/N: Thanks to q_sama for compiling these wonderful Wyldon quotes ;D

The Unseelie

This is the personal art & fiction community of minuit_mystique. If you like what you see in the Unseelie, then please leave a comment, because comments greatly Please the Unseelie.


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