The Unseelie

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A community for my (slightly dark) art and fiction

The Unseelie

This is the personal art and fiction community of minuit_mystique. Some Most of my stuff has a slightly dark theme, which is why the "Unseelie" is the perfect name for my Community.

I've recently gotten addicted to making photoshop graphics; icons, wallpapers, banners, or just random images. It's nothing exceptional, mostly just for fun. Feel free to use the images you find here if you like it. As long as you:
  • Comment and tell me which one you're taking. I love the feedback.
  • Do Not Hotlink! - Do not simply copy and use the link to where I have uploaded the image. Save the image onto your computer. Then upload it onto an online image hosting site like Photobucket.
  • Credit minuit_mystique or the_unseelie if you want to. I'd love it if you credited me, but I'm not too strict with that, considering I don't own the copyright to most of the base images I use.

I don't write much fiction at the moment, but I am working on it. Most fanfiction is Tamora Pierce related at the moment. I also have an original vampire story I'm working on, which is going nowhere fast, *teehee*.

I Hope you Enjoy my dark musings. And please, Comment, I welcome constructive feedback.
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